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As Your Small Business Accountant in Orange County, We’ll Save You Between $100k to $1M+ on Your Taxes

As your full-service CPA firm, we’ll go way beyond preparing your taxes. We’ll proactively use our 40+ years of “tax planning” expertise to save you $100K to $1M+ in taxes.


Growing a Family Business from $9M to $17M in Revenue

Does this sound like your current tax situation?

I'm so TIRED of seeing all this money going to the IRS!!
But I see how "the rich" are protecting their assets.
My accountant says "it's just how it is".
AND I KNOW there's something better we can be doing!"

Here’s Why Most Tax Preparers FAIL

Most tax preparers and accountants fail to “plan”. They meet you 4 months AFTER the last year has ended to submit your taxes, but that’s TOO LATE.

Tax Preparing

The process of reviewing your year of financial results and preparing your tax returns for submission to the IRS.
prep vs plan

Tax Planning

The process of looking at your personal and business regulatory requirements to legally reduce taxes.

We’ll keep your hard-earned money from going to the IRS because tax minimization is what we do ALL DAY, EVERYDAY – even while we SLEEP!

Meet Your Accounting Team


4 Stages of Successful Tax Planning


Perfect Planning

Your planning is the most important part of your engagement with us.

At this stage, we’ll perform a review of your tax position and make recommendations for how much money you can save with our proactive tax planning strategies.

Some of the $100K to $1M+ in tax savings will be from prior years, but most of the savings will be in the current year and next decade (that is, if you’re actively growing your business.)


Flawless Execution

Once we complete your master tax plan, we will present to you with anywhere from 1 to 100 strategies to minimize your tax burden.

Some of your strategies require minimal implementation, while other strategies may be more sophisticated and involve 3rd parties, but rest assured we will take care of you every step of the way.


Quarterly Strategizing

Most of our clients choose to work with us on a quarterly basis because at various stages of the year there are hundreds of changes to the U.S. tax code, and we must be in compliance, thus we implement strategies before year-end to ensure your tax savings are realized.

Thus, on a quarterly basis, we will continue to execute our planning strategies and review your financial results.


Prepared to Perfection

Our preparation of your returns is the last stage of our process.

At this point, we can actually calculate what your final tax payment will be and compare it to what you would have paid without doing proactive tax planning.

You can rest assured you’re going to save a lot!

How Do We Save You $100K to $1M+ in Taxes?
Using Our “Tax Planning” Strategies

The Tax Plan For Current Year & Beyond
Deduction Review & Strategy Planning
Legal Entity Optimization Across LLC, S Corp, Partnership
Retirement Options To Save While Minimizing Taxes
Insurance Review To Protect Assets & Reduce Taxes
TCJA, FFCRA, CARES Review For Liability Minimization
IRS & Court Case References Support Positions
Core Strategy Implementation
Business Tax Preparation
Quarterly Estimated Payments
Quarterly Core Tax Planning & Implementation
Quarterly 1-On-1 Review Tax Position

Looking for More Advanced Strategies?


Asset Protection


Tax-Advantaged Wealth


Exit & Capital Gains


Niches Specific



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Proactive Tax Experts

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During our initial kick-off call, we’ll offer you expert insights, answer your questions, and walk you through the information you need to provide us so that we can complete your tax planning.


Switching Accountants
Is Easier Than You Think


Switching from your current accounting firm seems like a major pain in the butt…

But in reality, it’s a brief communication with your current accountant/bookkeeper.

“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Glenn B. Hetzel & Associates, CPAs. Thank you for your service.”

Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.

We’ll Integrate with Your Accounting Software



What Strategies Do You Cover?

With you, we will cover hundreds of tax planning strategies: deductions, legal entity strategizing, retirement planning, insurance optimization, loopholes, and new legislation, (TCJA, FFCRA, CARES, etc) as well as advanced and niche strategies.

Is This The Only Tax Plan I'll Ever Need?

We hope not* because as your income increases, we will work with you to plan and implement new strategies. Our most successful clients need tax planning every single year, but, if there is no major change to your life or your business from one year to the next year, then you may go years before needing another tax plan.

Can You Guarantee These Savings?

Sorry, we cannot guarantee any tax-savings because the nature of tax planning is that it’s forward looking and based on projections of your income and your expenses, as well as the current tax code. If your income or expenses change for whatever reason or the tax code changes, then your tax-savings will be impacted.

May I Keep My Current Tax Preparer?

Yes, you may keep your current tax preparer. However, if you choose to prepare your taxes with us, then we will gladly prepare your taxes.

May I Keep My Current Bookkeeper and/or CPA?

Absolutely! And we recommend it because they know more about you. We’d be delighted to work with your professional and become part of your financial team.

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