Orange County Bookkeeping Service

Making Your Accounting Generate Revenue

Our CASH (Client Accounting Service HQ) is much more than an Orange County bookkeeping service. We’ll completely automate your accounting for maximum profitability, so you never have to think about your accounting again.

We’re the Perfect Accounting Team for You, If You’re:

A business owner with a growing business, who recognizes that in order to grow revenue and profits, that you need to outsource your accounting department.
In CRA trouble, and need to get your taxes done.
Overwhelmed trying to do your books.
Looking to free-up yourself or your staff.
Done with finicky bookkeeping software.
Fed-up with your bookkeeper/accountant.
In need of financials for a loan, evaluation, etc.

«As your virtual accounting department, we’ll automate your accounting for maximum profitability, peace of mind, and a faster realization of your goals!»


Growing a Family Business from $9M to $17M in Revenue

Three Reasons To Work With Us


Never Do
Bookkeeping Again

If you’re like our growth minded business owners, you know how joyless bookkeeping can be. As your Orange County bookkeeping service, you can let us take care of all your bookkeeping, payroll, transactions, and final reporting, so you can focus on growing your business and have the freedom to enjoy your life.


Saving You $100K
to $1M+ In Taxes

With professionally accurate books, we will advise on tax planning to minimize your tax liability and ensure you never pay late fees/penalties to the IRS ever. No surprises. We’ll leverage the tax code to your favor.


Saving You 11
Hours Monthly

According to a recent QuickBooks Online (QBO) study, the average business owner saves 11 hours every month in bookkeeping, invoicing, and accounting by automating their bookkeeping with QBO. With CASH (Client Accounting Services HQ), we’ll take your accounting automation to the next level, and save you countless additional hours, while increasing your profitability.

Your World-Class Accounting Services

Proactive Bookkeepers & Accountant

We’ll Provide a Team

ROI Driven

Upfront Fixed Fees

Constantly Innovating!

Trusted by CEOs & Business Owners


Book a Free Consultation

Over Zoom, we’ll listen, ask you insightful questions, and make actionable recommendations to automate your accounting department, ensuring effortless operations, healthy margins, and minimized tax liability.


Switching Orange County Bookkeepers/ Accountants Is Easier Than You Think


Switching from your current Orange County bookkeeping service only seems like a major pain in the butt…

But in reality, it’s a brief communication with your current accountant/bookkeeper.

“It’s time for a new direction. Please send my books over to Glenn B. Hetzel & Associates, CPAs. Thank you for your service.”

Your accountant is professionally mandated to provide your books to whomever you request they go to. It’s really that easy.

We’ll Integrate with Your Accounting Software


Your Virtual Accounting Department to Save Your Time AND Grow Your Profits.