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Emergency Orange County Controller Services to Your Rescue!

Has your key accounting employee just left? Feel like you’re about to drown in accounting transactions/functions?

Within 24 hours of our initial consultation, we’ll jump in as your accounting lifeguard and rescue your accounting department.


Growing a Family Business from $9M to $17M in Revenue

Lost a Key Employee?

We’re the perfect interim controller for your business, if…

Your controller, accounting manager, AP/AR administrator, and/or bookkeeper has just left from a life event (retirement, resignation, medical leave, death) and you need vital accounting functions to continue IMMEDIATELY.


«As your interim controller, we’ll jump in and rescue your accounting department within 24 hours!»


Meet Your Interim Controller

Hello, my name is Allan Bayer. With my degree in accounting, I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years.

But before being an interim controller, I was an ocean lifeguard supervisor with the City of San Clemente (that’s me in the picture on the right).

Being a lifeguard is a lot like being an interim controller because the business is usually “drowning” (or about to) in financial transactions/functions from the loss of a key employee. We’re here to jump in and “rescue” the business.

We look forward to working with you,


Allan Bayer, B.A. | Glenn B. Hetzel & Associates, CPA
Interim Controller & Partner


Benefits of Our Orange County Controller Services


Fraction of the Cost

A top-tier controller can help your business grow revenues in the millions, but hiring a top-tier controller full-time costs an average of $282,200 in California.

Our on-demand Orange County Controller services will provide the high-level strategic advisory that is required to achieve your growth goals but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

We Can Start “Yesterday”

Most CEO/Owners want us to start “yesterday.”

That’s why we always leave capacity in our schedule to jump in and start a new interim controller engagement within 24 hours of our first consultation!


Virtually $0 Cost Fees

Most businesses with less than $10M in revenue have inefficient accounting departments and suboptimal vendor agreements.

Usually, within 90 days, through improved efficiencies and better vendor agreements, we will save you MORE in operational costs THAN the cost of our controller services (thus “virtually $0 cost fee”).

Right-Sized Accounting Department

We’ll increase profitable revenues and then work ourselves out-of-a-job. We’ll help you recruit the RIGHT accounting employees with the RIGHT skill sets and tools to ensure we achieve your goals.


World-Class Interim Controller Services

Expert Interim Controllers

We’ll Provide a Team

ROI Driven

Upfront Fixed Fees

Constantly Innovating!

Trusted by CEOs & Business Owners


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We’re the Interim Controller to Rescue Your Accounting Department